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Trace record from speaking at Taipei International Bookfair for Swiss Authors Daniel ... See more

Souverän auf dem internationalen Parkett

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After a private get together

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Visites privées & ateliers • Les Visites Particulières


We just renewed the collaboration 🙂 Why?

Open the doors of art and offer a unique experience

We organize private guided tours which combine the ... See more

Visite privées avec des guides triés sur le volet, accés aux coulisses des musées, rencontre avec des artistes dans leurs ateliers, expérience culinaire haut de gamme.

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Frank’s Files: Travel the World with Cartier, Tony Duquette, and More

... See more

In this episode of Frank’s Files, Frank Everett journeys across the Atlantic to team up with Kristian Spofforth, Head of Jewelery in London, to explore selections from Sotheby’s Fine Jewels ... See more

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預計採購數量為500件 ... See more

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Ladies charity get together on a traditional style of Persian rug

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Photos from Graceful Lifestyle Management's post

Attachment need to be signed for any business deal from 2019